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In the economy, demand and supply are the most important things. From a production site to a consumer, it totally depends on the market situation. Most of the country allows an open market policy. In some cases, government stands for some rules and regulation for the new starting business and the industries that are already in the market. Price support and production quota are one of them.

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What are price support and production of quota?

Price support and production of quota are the economics terms related to each other. It’s very similar to minimum rates, but unlike price floor, it can be effective by adjusting a minimum price or higher price above the free market equilibrium price.This policy can be used to maintain the any artificially higher price in the market.

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Uses of Production Quota

It is utilized in the infant industry. The government takes necessary steps to for the new comer companies by giving them financial support and make them maintain an average price level in the market to compete the other companies.

On the other hand, the government makes a restriction for the companies’ production unit up to a certain limit and give a selling permission to a limited percentage of unit production.This is the production of the quota system in the economy.

Few details about price support

Price support is a kind of input subsidy, which is given by the government to the infant industry. When a budding industry comes into existence, it can’t compete with the business giants in its respective field. Thus government tries to provide some input relief so that the infant industry can grow and become a competitor at the global level.

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Price Supports And Production Quotas – Is It Beneficial!

There are certain arguments, know as infant industry argument states that it is not a good practice to provide support to the farms. It can make them unfit to stand against world market when the support system is withdrawn.

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