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Students find economics a tough and confusing subject. Even though they want to pursue this subject because of the numerous opportunities this subject opens for them in the future. There is no doubt that it is a tough and confusing subject till you can’t have a clear idea of its basics. If students get a clear idea about the basic concept and aspect related to it, it will become one of the easiest subjects for them. It is also a high scoring subject. The price rigidity homework help expert guides the student in understanding this subject. The experts engaged in providing homework solutions try their best to provide all details in an easy way to make it easy to comprehend.

What is price rigidity?

The Price Rigidity, sticky prince or prince stickiness refers to a condition where the price of a product does not change readily or immediately to the new market clearing price.  This happens when there change in the supply and demand curve. The price rigidity assignment help will be a great source for you to get more knowledge about this topic. You can contact them any time they are always there to assist you in getting a clear idea about a topic.

Types of price rigidity

According to the price rigidity homework help, the different types of price rigidity are –

  • Down rigidity

It means that there is the confrontation to the price regulating downward. Therefore, when due to an outward change of the supply curve or an internal change of the demand curve the market – clearing cost falls.  If the price remains higher falsely, then there will be excess supply in the new market clearing level.

  • Upward rigidity

It means there is a confrontation to the value regulating upwards. Therefore when due to upward change of the supply curve of the demand curve or an internal the value remains lower artificially. It will result in short fall or excess demand in the new market clearing level.

This topic is crucial for students to understand to achieve success while pursuing economics. Most of the time, students find it very difficult and confusing for them to understand this whole concept. Sometimes they even start thinking about changing their subjects or start to avoid it. In this situation, the price rigidity assignment help expert comes out like a blessing in disguise for them.

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