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For all students who are dealing with the subject of Microeconomics, the topic of Price and Quantity Regulations will surely bring difficulties. This is because; besides being important, this very topic is also known for its vastness, which many times creates confusion in students studying this in their respective educational institutions. As we have recognized this problem, so we decided to help. We at have created a team of experts on this very topic for students.

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About Price and Quantity Regulations
Before we discuss the help which you will get from this Price and Quality Regulations in microeconomics Assignment Help team of ours, let us first talk about the topic which is causing you nightmares.

The economics of regulation is known as regulatory economics. In case of the sense of the application of the law which is laid down by the government or any agency of an independent kind for various purposes.

The different types of purposes can be:

  • Remedying market failure
  • Benefitting Politicians
  • Centrally Planning of an Economy
  • Enriching well-connected Firms

The meanings of Price and Quantity Regulations, in simple words are explained below:

  • Price Regulation

This can be explained as a practice of governments which is involved with the dictation of how much of a certain products or commodities may be sold for in different stages of a production process and also in the retail market.

  • Quantity Regulation

Many financial intermediaries regulations and also many other regulations like pollution controls, blue laws, zoning restrictions, etc. is known for taking the form of quantity controls as opposed to taxes.

How can we help?
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