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Power is a word hearing which gives us a feeling of strength. The word finds its use from immemorial time. Power could be in terms of social, political, physical, etc. Not only in general prospects, but power finds its application in business also. Power in business influences different decisions that are required to be taken for the functioning of the firm. More definitions of power can be obtained from power homework help.

The different forms of power

Power can be divided into the following forms for the basis of understanding –

  • Coercive nature of power

When any form of threat is used to get desired results, it involves this kind of power. This power generally forces some person or group to do something without their consent, and the person or group submits due to fear of the threat given.

In company set ups, this kind of power is exerted by seniors to their juniors in the form of threat of demotions, transfers or sacking and in the fear of the same, juniors tend to be forced to accept what their seniors ask for. Real life examples of such situations can be learnt by visiting power assignment help.


  • Legitimate nature of power

When an individual holds a certain position or rank in an organization or government, the authorities that he or she enjoys due to the position is termed as legitimate power. This power is due to the presence of the position that one holds, when the position is retreated, the powers also retreat. Generally these powers are short lived as people in the positions keep changing with time.


  • Expert nature of power

This power is basically due to expertise in a specific skill by an individual. Generally, when someone specializes in a particular activity or knowledge of a skill, he or she is respected by many. Thus the individual is looked up to and can also influence people around due to their knowledge which is not there with others. More clarity on this form of power can be gained by visiting power homework help.


  • Rewarding nature of power

When appreciations in the form of promotions, perks, bonuses, new projects,etc. are provided to motivate workers which in turn influence their performance, it is termed as rewarding power. This is more of a positive way of using power for attaining better results.


  • Reference nature of power

This is the form of influencing power that celebrities use to influence people. Generally stars have a fan following among general public and thus can influence them easily. Companies thus use this power of these stars to promote their products. Different advertisement campaigns starring celebrities are examples of such power utilization and more about such campaigns can be obtained by visiting power assignment help.


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