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All business entities want to make maximum profits for a long run existence. But all industry is not suitable for making good profits hence; persons need to be more causes for investing their money.Initially, they want to invest their money in profit-making industries. So profit-making industries attract a maximum number of new business entities. Hence, the number of competitions increased gradually.

We all know that as per Porter’s five forces analysis new business entry is a threat to the existing business organization in the market. Because the more new entities come in the market, more competition will be faced.  To learn all details about this subject topic for doing your perfect assignment, you must log on myhomeworkhelp.com and immediately join our potential entry of new competitors homework help.

How business entity entrance in the market?

There are several ways through which business entities make their first step into the market. They are given below:

  1. Taking over a new company from outside of that market.
  2. Producing some diverse product from completely different industry.
  3. Due to globalization market is now open to all so foreign competitors can take easy entry in this situation
  4. Increasing demand gives a price rise hence, helps in making a maximum profit this condition helps n taking a new entry.

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Different barriers are there

New business entities face lots of challenges for taking an entry in a market. They are:

  • Economic condition

When a company produces a particular product on a large scale, it can enjoy the diminishing cost for every unit. So to produce more is beneficial for that company in this situation. This condition creates a barrier for the newcomers.

  • Brand Preference

Often customers have strong preferences for a particular brand. When consumers like a product for a specific brand then that company act as a monopoly in the perfect competition and this situation is relaid tough, hot a new entry.

  • Costly industry

Sometimes it requires a huge amount of capital for starting a business in specific industries. Always it is not possible for a newcomer to arrange that amount of capital.

  • Customer behavior for cost

Often consumers change their product or brand due to cost-related reasons. The new entities cannot handle this situation hence; this is not a perfect condition to take a new entry. The potential entry of new competitors homework help that we offer is a perfect guidance that you are looking for.

  • Supply and distribution problems

Proper supply and distribution are needed for running a business perfectly. For this reason, a good relation and understanding are required in between a business entity and its suppliers and distributors. A new entity needs to spend lots of time and money for this reason which is really a tough challenge for them.

  • Government rules and regulation

There are certain governments rules exist for some specific industries. Often those create many problems for a new entity to take an entry in those industries.

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