Potential Benefits of Such Conflict

Benefits of Such Conflict 

It is a general belief that any conflict brings forth a number of negatives for any organization. But this is far from truth, and there are a number of advantages associated with these conflicts.

The positives:

  1. Introducing new rules

In any organization, there are two categories of rules, one that is formal- regarding the payment and working hours. The other informal rules are regarding the dress code and ethics that is followed in that workplace. When any new entity is included in that organization, it can be found that the concerned person faces the clash of ideologies. It is primarily due to this reason that the rules that are present in the company face an untoward challenge.

So, the ideal situation that workers would want is – while framing rules, diverse points of view should be taken into consideration and a set of rules should be framed that to a great extent suits the requirement of all.

  1. Clash of ideologies

When there are two positions – managerial and non-managerial, there is bound to be clash of issues. According to the managers, there is a certain level of decorum that has to be maintained while working, and there are certain professional objectives that have to be met.

However, for the non-managerial position, every work that has to be done requires a certain amount of freedom in workplace. So, for them, the management needs to modify their working style so that there is no issue in dealing with problems faced by workers of lower rungs.

  1. Bringing a sense of competitiveness

Since the resources that have to be used in any organization is limited, it can be found that there is constant competition in getting the best out of those resources. This competition can be found in areas as finance, power, survival, and recognition that multiple entities wish to get hold of.

  1. Tradition followed by the concerned organization

In certain organizations, conflicts are a constant affair. However, in certain other organizations, every time a conflict occurs, that is immediately taken into consideration. So, every organization has its own history, and it keeps functioning in that manner. It is only during these conflicts that pointers come to the forefront.

  1. Changing the given set of goals

Every organization when starting off has a certain set of goals as well as objectives that it wishes to attain. But the point is, not always are these goals correct or worth achieving. So, the ideal way to set goals is to take into account the diverse viewpoints that other parties have regarding the goals and ensure that the set goals can be achieved.

But in most cases, it happens that this modification of goals are not points that managers of any organization can accept easily.

  1. Understanding the positions

In case of a conflict, the concerned parties need to check out which positions they are in and whether their wants match up to the concerned resources available. When their arguments are placed against criticism, they can surely check out how justifiable their wants are. When their own parties are challenged, as well as they challenge the other parties, it becomes easier for them to see what opposition they hold in that conflict.

Thus, with these, you can get a better idea of how to use conflicts in a proper manner.

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