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Posting refers to a process where entries are transferred from journal accounts of ledger and ledger posting is considered to be the most vital and crucial step in the accounting cycle. So in order to relieve the learners from the difficulties of ledger entry myhomeworkhelp.com deliver great help regarding posting in Ledger Accounts in accounting homework help.

It is also said that ledger posting is very effective and crucial to make a systematic accounting system. And in order to get the financial result, we have to go through different process, and they are:

  • To organize vouchers
  • To enter those vouchers in different types of day books
  • Then posting entries from day books to ledger
  • Balancing and totaling of ledgers
  • Make the trial balance
  • Finally, make the trading account, Balance sheet, and profit-loss statement/Account.

These steps might be very tricky and hectic so learners are recommended to take help from the experts in this field so they can surely ask for Posting in Ledger Accounts in accounting assignment help.

What is Ledger?

This is the basic thing which should be crystal clear in the minds of the readers pursuing with this faculty. Ledger is nothing but a book of records which is generally found in classified and summarizedform, and all the transactions are recorded in that book.

It is also called “Principal Book” as it contains all important transaction details. So if you find any problem while dealing with ledgers, then you can definitely ask for posting in Ledger Accounts in accounting homework help from myhomeworkhelp.com.

What are the basic rules of posting?

Experts of our agency have great skill related to this particular stream, and the learners can also take posting in Ledger Accounts in accounting assignment help from them. Now moving towards the rule of posting and they are:

  • First rule says that the name of the same account must not be written in the account in which the posting has been made.
  • And the second rule suggests that each and every debit has its own and equal credit.

What are the rules of posting in ledger accounts in accounting?

  • Posting in ledgeris made through journal entries already passed in the journal.
  • Posting should be done on debit side of the account and which has been debited already in the journal entry.
  • Likewise, posting is also done on credit side of the account that has been already credit in the journal.
  • Ledger posting should always be done in chronological order (date wise).
  • Balance shown in the account indicates the net result of all the transactions in a given span of time.

Still if you are not clear with the rules of ledger posting, then you can surely take help regarding Posting in Ledger Accounts in accounting homework help.

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