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Network externalities can have both effects positive or negative depending on certain factors. A student should be familiar with network externality in order to understand these clearly. Our positive network externalities homework help assists students understand it using proper real life examples and situations under which it might occur.

Here along with the definition, we will go through both positive and negative effects along with its benefits.  So without waiting anymore let us proceed.

Network Externality

Network externality is a concept where a commodity’s value to one consumer changes because number of consumers of that particular product changes, in economic purpose its influence has significantly increased. It is also known as demand side economies of scale or network effect. Telephone serves as a great example.  For more examples, you can check our positive network externalities homework help.

Positive network externality

A positive network externality occurs when a consumer purchases a telephone without the consumer’s intent of creating a value for the already existing other users but do it irrespective of his or her intention. Online social sites work in a similar way like Facebook or Twitter in which value is increased as more people join it without the intention of creating value for existing users.

Over a period of time, positive network externality have the potential to create bandwagon effect as network’s value increases and more users join, which makes a loop of positive feedback. To know more about this ask our positive network externalities homework help experts.

Negative Network Externality

As the name suggests, it is something opposite of the positive effect. In positive effect feedback loops are positive, and growth is exponential, in negative effect feedback is negative and decay is exponential. Negative effects in nature are forces where pull is towards an equilibrium which is responsible for the stability. Physical limitations prevent states from achieving infinity.

Congestion occurs as efficiency of network decreases because more users are using it. This reduces value to the users who are already using it. Traffic congestion which overloads freeway and congestion of network over bandwidth limitation both shows negative network effects.

Braess’s paradox appears when the counter intuitive phenomena are seen, edges removed from one selfish network routing have the ability to decrease latency which is incurred by all traffic being at equilibrium.  More is explained in detail in our positive network externalities assignment help. 

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