Population Balance Homework Answers

Population Balance Homework Answers

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Let’s first discuss the general idea of Population Balance homework answers. Population balance modeling and its application are getting a lot of attention for the last couple of years in the academic as well as industrial area due to its extensive applicability. This growth is also accompanied with different layers of reviews. Population balance models are a robust modeling framework that describes how the population of particles evolved. The model is mainly described in chemical engineering and is characterized by distributions.

This subject includes engineering, liquid-liquid reactions and extractions, gas-liquid dispersion, crystallization, polymerization and Biological Sciences (like microbial growth and population of cell).

The Equation:

D c (x, t) = c in (x) – c (x, t) + B (x) – D (x)

     Dt                      π

In other words, Rate of change of concentration = inflow and outflow + Birth – Death.

The birth and death are integers and x is the particle property. Hence, this complex integral-differential equation needs to be solved to understand the features of the entire population. But in case of multi-variables, like size, shape or the structures of the population are involved then alternative stochastic methods should be involved.

The population balance equations, in general, define how entities coming from different populations develop over the time based on a specific property. These elaborate integral-differential equation sets give an idea how one particle might behave in local conditions. The death and birth of the model is the death and birth of the particles.

Example and Limitations:

There have been attempts to present modeling of cellular processes in biological systems, using population balance ideas. But the first limitation of this model is that it needs change for biochemical and biomedical studies.

The second limitation is the complex computational and mathematical calculations, which is not friendly for everybody to use. Hence, a better technique is required.

Although this is a multidimensional model, but the limitations are prominent here.

These are the concepts that need to be cleared from a good Population Balance assignment answers.

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