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Economics is related with the study of economical condition of the society, whereas politics is a theory and practice that can create an influence on people through exercise of power. Politics and the economy assignment help from myhomeworkhelp.com would give you necessary and vital information related to economics and its relationship with politics.

Different approaches in political economy

While seeking for Politics and the economy homework help you will come across with experts who would primarily focus on delivering knowledge. Political economy would adopt three different approaches:

  1. Interdisciplinary studies: The approach from interdisciplinary angel would definitely draw the attention of political science, sociology and economics and this would define how the political institutions and the economic system would influence each other. It is an approach where political economy is associated with different areas such as:
  • Economic models that follow political processes
  • International political economy and its impact on international relations
  • Role of government in resource allocation
  1. New political economy: Our Politics and the economy assignment help would make you acquainted with this approach that can treat any economic ideologies. It is an approach that can combine ideals of classical economists and analytical advances.
  2. International political economy: It is also known as global political economy that helps to develop a link between international relations and economics. It is finally concerned with the political forces such as individual actors, institutions and states and all these occur through economic interactions.

Australia’s economic can easily tie up with Asia and Pacific Rim that has turned out to be highly important with Japan, the United States and China.

Who are in need of economics help?

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