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Learn All You Need to Know About Poisson Distributions

A specific distribution of probability which helps to express the probability of any specific repetition of events that have occurred within a mentioned time interval or space interval when the events are occurring at a constant rate is termed as poisson distribution. Other specific intervals like volume, area and distance can also be denoted by the poisson distribution. Our portal for poisson distributions homework solutions can be checked for a detailed description of the topic.

History of the Poisson distribution

  • In the year 1837, Simeon Denis Poisson was the person who introduced the poisson distribution theory along with the probability theory. Students wanting to learn about the probability theory can log on to our poisson distributions assignment solutions
  • In the year 1898, Ladislaus Bortkiewicz practically applied the poisson distribution theory when he was asked to investigate the quantity of soldiers that had been killed by horse kicks from the army of Prussia. This made the poisson theory get introduced to reliability engineering.

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