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Pointers on How to Write an Essay

by Feb 23, 2017Writing

People today are great in communicating their point verbally but get flummoxed when it comes to writing it out. Especially while writing long essays. It can be overwhelming and quite tedious, not to say time consuming. But do not fret because here are a few tips on how to write an essay.

Let’s begin with the process: –

  1. Start early on your topic

The first thing you need to do is get a head-start. Start collecting material and brainstorming as soon as you receive a topic. In case you need to write on a topic of your own; choose it wisely.This is more important than reading about how to write an essay.


  1. Outline

Drafting an outline to the essay is essential if you want to keep it structured. Focus on the number of paragraphs you would write and various points which each one should convey.

  1. Introductory Paragraph

Understand the thesis or an argument like it is the back of your hand. The first paragraph sets a mood to your essay. It is very important that you clearly and concisely frame your ideas. Your overview of the topic needs to have a coherent approach.

  1. Write the body

Try to keep it as logical and analytical as possible. You can elaborate on all the separate points which you listed during the outline. Make sure you introduce each new concept before explaining it. Your prime focus should also be on the language and explanations. This is probably the most important step of how to write an essay.


  1. Conclusion

Try keeping the conclusion all encompassing. This paragraph should essentially provide a summary to the arguments, thoughts or description of your essay. The approach to this paragraph should be short, spunky and precise. This is the opinion which your reader will take from your essay, so devote some time to it.

  1. Finalization

This is an imperative part of how to write an essay. Sadly, many people skip this step. You need to read and edit your essay before submitting it because mistakes are bound to be in it. The optimal thing to do here would be to have someone else read it and give you suggestions.  However, a critical self-read will also yield the required results.

Common mistakes to avoid

  1. Never copy someone else’s viewpoint. Almost all essays are checked nowadays to ensure its originality. That said, taking inspiration and putting it in your own words is allowed.
  2. The introductory paragraph and the concluding paragraph, both, need to unique. DO not simply reword the introduction into a conclusion. Understand that at the end of the essay, you would expect the reader to know more about the title than he did at the beginning. The same way you know more about writing an essay now after reading how to write an essay.
  3. Avoid generality. You need to make your essay truly spectacular. Give examples which are relevant to the example and add to the overall punch.
  4. Do not mess with grammar. If you begin an essay in active voice then avoid switching over to passive. Anyway, research shows that an active voice is more powerful and entraps the reader.
  5. Do not miss out on recording. The best ideas occur when you are not thinking about them. So if you are travelling or doing something else, make sure to write down the essay idea in your notebook. You could try putting the title as how to write an essay and then jot down the ideas which come across.

Helpful editing tips

  1. Short sentences have a powerful impact. You could start by pruning the long sentences and avoid irrelevant jargon.
  2. The language should be easy to understand and as per the tone of your essay. Try not to use overly difficult language.
  3. Look out for any duplication of ideas or repetition of words. Try to keep the arguments or ideas ordered chronologically in a sequence.
  4. Stress on the structure of an essay while editing. There is no point in going around in circles. This is an important aspect of how to write an essay.
  5. Spellcheck is a good exercise. However, do not rely on it entirely. Spellcheck only looks out for spelling mistakes. You could have accidentally used the wrong word altogether.
  6. Remove oxy-morons and tautologies. Eventhough they are clever, they tend to make reading tedious.
  7. Use a word check to keep a count on same words. Remove unnecessary utilization of prepositions.

In today’s world everyone should be educated on how to write an essay as these tips come in handy when it really matters. However, there are many professionals selling their services in this domain. It would not be a bad idea making use of these if you are not confident about your writing skills.