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What is PL-SQL?

PL-SQL stands for Procedural Language-Structured Query Language. It is a procedural extension of Oracle Corporation for relational database of Oracle and SQL. It is available in Times Ten memory database, Oracle database and DB2 IBM. With every successive release of Oracle Database, the Oracle Corporation extends functionality of PL-SQL.

It includes elements of procedural language like loops and conditions. It gives declaration of variables and constants, functions and procedures, various types and multiple variables of these categories and also triggers. It is able to handle run time errors. Know more by ordering our Pl-SQL assignment answers.

Program Unit of PL-SQL

SQL’s primary feature is also considered as a drawback. An individual can employ control statements such as iterative control, decision making if SQL is used. Because PL-SQL is a procedural language, it provides decision-making functionality, iteration and several other features like multiple programming languages which are procedural.

A program unit of PL-SQL is from one of the units like Anonymous PL-SQL block, function, procedure, package body, type specification, trigger, library or type body. These program units are source code of PL-SQL which is developed, compiled and executed on database. Pl-SQL assignment answers provide all the solution.

Similar Languages

The designers modelled the syntax on Ada. Both PL-SQL and Ada have a common ancestor, Pascal. It resembles several Pascal aspects though the structure package of PL-SQL is nothing similar to the primary program structure of Object Pascal. Programmers define private and public data types of global measures, static variables and constants in a package of PL-SQL.

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