Piping Design Homework Answers

Piping Design Homework Answers

Piping Design Is Not an Issue Anymore, and We Have the Right Help to Direct You 

For Piping Design homework answers, let’s first discuss the general idea of piping design. Piping is a collective system of pipes that transfer fluid (liquid and gases) from one place to another.  Piping design, studies the process of transportation of fluid through pipes.

Pipes can be made up of glasses, steel, aluminium, fibres, copper, and wood even concrete. There are fittings and valves within the pipe designs. These fittings and valves control the pressure and flow of the fluid that is getting transported within the pipes.

Piping design involves drafting, technical and then engineering drawing. These are done by CAD or computer-aided software.

Piping not only transportation of fluid it also transfers water, fuels, waste or sewage, refined products of oils.

Materials of Pipe: 

Materials used for pipe manufacturing is:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Metals like Cupro-Nickel, Tantalum
  • Non-metals like tempered glass, PVC and Teflon.

The Piping Design assignment answers also should include the details of the designing.

Design of Piping:

The first thing that piping design is to do an intelligent design, that will show the controls of the system. The controls will be pressure, load, flow and temperature of the fluid getting transferred through the piping.

The designs should also have all the fittings and valves and their placement included, that is required for the complete designing. The design should also include, the direction of flow of fluid, the diameter and design of the pipe.

The design also should extensively include the bends and the format of the bend. There could be various kinds of bends. Like: L, Z, V and 90-degree bend.

Other than the technical details of designing, the design should also include the cost and the possible extra percentage that might come up with the designing project.

Hopefully, all this information will guide you towards the right direction for taking Piping Design homework answers from us. 

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