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What is a PID Controller?

PID controller is the abbreviated form of the word Proportional Integrated Derivative controller. It is a feedback system or a controller system which is generally used in industrial control systems. Its job is to constantly measure an error value between the process variable and the desired set point. Not only it measures the error but it attempts simultaneously to reduce these errors as fast as possible by making an adjustment of the control variable. The adjustments might include a change in the position of the control valve or power supplier to a certain heating point or damper.

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How does a PID controller work?

The PID controller have widespread application because of the fact that it is based not on the mere knowledge of underlying processes but on the absolute, measured, process variable. There are 3 parameters relating to a PID controller, by tuning which specific process requirements can be attempted to by the PID controller. There are three ways in which the response of the controller can be described:

  • Response to errors
  • Response regarding the overshooting of a set point
  • Degree of system oscillation

However, what the PID controller cannot guarantee is: absolute stability and optimal control over the system.

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