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Physics Homework Solver

Physics Homework Solver, Are Your True Friends When You Need Them 

What is Physics and why the assignments are important?

Physics is one of the most exciting natural sciences that can answer a lot of your queries that probably you had as a kid. You must have thought how friction happens? Or what is gravity and how does it work? How we move, is that the law of motion? Probably you had these questions but you did not know how to answer them with all the technical details.

These hidden truths of nature will come out with the laws of physics. You can learn how these simple laws are applicable to our daily life and affecting our lives every second. But these things can get scary of you don’t understand them properly.

We learn physics in school and then in college, that is the time you get to understand this subject and know how they apply in your life with practical experiments. That’s when you also will need help in your assignments. If the help is not right things can get really confusing. There are lots of ways to get help online and give these tools to be your physics assignment solver.

Let’s discuss some simple concepts that we can help you understand:

Let’s discuss the easiest topic first. The “Speed”. By the law of Physics, Speed = Distance/ Time. In simple words the more distance you cover in a unit time that determines the speed.

You can measure them easily in your life. Just keep a note of the duration and the distance that you are covering while you are out in a walk or jogging. Then divide the distance over the time to calculate your speed for that motion.

A good physics homework solver like myhomeworkhelp.com should also provide you examples of real time examples of different laws of physics. Let’s discuss a problem of speed.

  • Problem 1:

Mr. A is travels for 5 hrs. Initially for the first 2 hours at the speed of 20 km/h and then for the next 3 hours at the speed of 10 km/h. What is the average speed of Mr. A?

To solve this, first the total time covered here is: 2 + 3 = 5 hrs.

Now, Speed = Distance/ Time, hence Distance = Speed x Time

So, the total distance travelled by Mr. A, initially will be: 20 x 2 = 40 Km

In the next 3 hours, he traveled 10 x 3 = 30 Km

Hence total distance travelled by Mr. A will be 40 + 30 Km = 70 km

Therefore, the average speed will be = 70 km/ 5 hrs. = 14 km/h.

  • Problem 2:

A man started from his home to go to office at a speed of 5 km/h at then after 30 minutes his speed increases to 6 km/h. Calculate the acceleration of the man.

Acceleration = 6 km/h – 5 km/h      =       1 km/hr      =   2 km/ hr 2

0.5 hr                                   0.5 hr

If you want you can convert hour to minute or second.

Other examples:

Now that we know about speed. Let discuss how we as a physics assignment solver we can help to solve relative speed.

As example, assume a plane has a speed of 400 m/s and is in the wind of 100 m/s to east. Therefore, the plane’s speed relative to the ground will be: square root of (4002 + 1002) = 412.31 m/s.

Let’s talk about another problem, Suppose the capsule that was transmitted in Venetian soil in 1970 had a mass of 135 kg and weight of 1090N. Then what is the intensity if gravity in Venus?

According to the law of Physics, F = ma (where F is force, m is mass and a is acceleration. Therefore a = F/m. We can now use this equation for gravity, where a can be used for acceleration and/or gravity that is working against the ground. Hence, the intensity of gravity will be 1090 N/ 135 kg = 8.07 m/s2.


In the next step, we will talk about light. A good physics homework solver like myhomeworkhelp.com should have all kinds of problems included.

According to Snell’s law, X1sinø1 = X2 sinø2, where X1 and X2 are the two indices of refraction of two respective mediums, sinø1 means the angle of incidence and sinø2 means the angle of refraction. The index of refraction (n) is the ratio of the speed of light in vacuum to light speed in another medium.

Suppose, light is travelling through air (where X1 = 1.006) and travels through water (X2 =1.5). The angle of refraction 450. What could be the possible angle of incidence in this case?

So, with Snell’s Law, 1.006 sinø1 = 1.5 sin 450

                                                      sinø1               = 1.5 x (1/ 1.414)


ø1                    = sin-1 (1.05)

So, the angle of incidence is   sin-1 (1.05).

Hence, like discussed above, a standard Physics assignment solver like myhomeworkhelp.com.

Will provide you a lot of examples like this. They all will be analyzed in detail with all the explanations. The subject experts will elaborate in all details so that you get the point very easily.

So, if you are looking for a Physics homework solver what criteria you should look for?

Firstly, the homework solver should be affordable in price. In other words, students should be able to afford it.

The Physics assignment solver should have the right experts with vast and extensive experience. You should expect all levels of solution from them. Whether it is in the basic, intermediate or even really high level and complicated.

Also, all the assignments should be written with proper references (Like may be APA, CSE or anything else), with adequate proof reading and editing. The data analysis should be done properly and accurately.

Not only this, Physics homework solver like myhomeworkhelp.com will also have scenarios various areas that will be discussed so that you can understand your problem with various aspects and can try to solve it even in a different way than conventional. They also should be ok to accept last minute assignment requests.

Hence, not to worry, if you are thinking about where to get help on your Physics assignment, take professional help.

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