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Persuasive Speech Topics Should Be Interesting and Unique

by Aug 30, 2018Writing

Are you on a search for the best kind of speech topics which are persuasive? However, it is generally a tough task to come across a topic which is appealing to you as well as your audience. However, if we try to look for good topics we do come across a few excellent topics. Apart from deciphering good speech topics we also look into the matter which involves in making a persuasive speech topic and few criteria’s to be followed while writing on a topic oneself.
Do you know what exactly makes a Persuasive speech topic?
Generally, there are many speech topics, however, to find out the best is real task. The three main factors which contribute to the same are illustrated.
A topic which intrigues you
It is always feasible to write about or talk about something which interests you or which is known to you. Hence one of the main criteria’s of writing or finding the best persuasive speech topics solely depends on selecting the topic which interests you and you feel is luring enough.
In case you want to learn more about the chosen topic you need to do a lot of research work before you proceed to write. Once you have a deeper understanding of the topic process of writing becomes smooth and something more interesting. This, in turn, makes you smarter. Guess how? Once you are well aware of a particular topic it becomes easier for you to have a greater command on the topic and be confident enough when you speak on the same. You will sound confident and passionate once you do your homework well.
Don’t overdo on the topic chosen
Most topics chosen by high school students are more or less the same. For example, if the topic argues about the drinking age to be lowered till age 18 or not, almost most will speak on the same parameters. One has to notice that no amount of exaggeration is done while speaking on a particular topic. Also to stand out among many you should have your own kind examples and research well done before you go ahead with the topic. Be so clear, thorough and unique that points and phrases are remembered through a lifetime. That’s what makes all differences in making best persuasive speech topics.
If the topic concerns the audience then it engages the audience in listening to the speech. Isn’t it the case when you speak in front of your classmates, on a topic which is interesting enough and the entire class of students gaze at you in amazement or even excitement? Yes, it is! This is because whenever your topic is concerned about the mass or even something which interests the audience too, the level of interest and participation increases. This way it becomes the best persuasive speech topics in the bargain which intrigues the audience.
There are numerous topics which have the potential to be the best persuasive speech topics. However, always try not to choose topics which tend to be cliché or even overdone. Because once you topic is monotonous, no matter how much or how hard you try it becomes difficult to bring in interest to the audience. This happens because the topic is already known to the mass.
However, exceptions do prevail. For example, if you feel that the topic is monotonous and known to all yet you want to speak on it, the golden rule is to emphasize on the lesser known facts and information. If a topic is way too common and mostly spoken by many yet the unknown facts are illustrated it becomes a matter of interest to the audience once again. This hence makes a topic which is overdone to an interesting one in the bargain. Hence it again becomes on the best persuasive speech topics.
Choose a topic which we all care about
Always choose topics wisely to make sure that the audience either cares to lend an ear to the topic or is empathetic for the same. For example, if a student of fourth grade tries to influence the audience and come up with the best persuasive speech topics, he/she might come up with anything. Suppose the student chooses to speak about the reason behind why Saguaro Cactus should have been the national plant of the United States. The student must have given ample amount of reasons and illustration for the same, however, is that really much influential or intriguing? Is this something we all should care about? We really doubt if the audience even enjoyed a bit while this topic was discussed.
This must have come from the mind of the students while he/she was travelling to Arizona and must have come across Saguaro Cacti. Upon seeing its beauty the thought of considering it as the national plant came up. However, the thought and emotions which were involved with this student were way too different than that of any other person. Hence the topic could not be treated as the best persuasive speech topics. Also, most of the people around wouldn’t even care what the national plant or flower should be, when the United States already has one, that is, the rose. Hence, this is a lesson which must be taken that not all topics create an impact on everyone. What interest you may not be interesting for the rest. Hence choosing topicwiselyis most important factor. Choose a topic which involves the interest of all and all care about.
Your primary motive should not be a round of applause from the audience which may or may not is filled with genuineness or gratitude. Applause can be forceful as well. Hence, it is foolish to think that the best persuasive speech topics get the loudest of applauds. It is to be taken into consideration that the only way to be remembered is to stand out among the many. This is possible only when you choose to be unique in your own way yet be heard by one and all. Choose some topic which interests the mass and helps them come across newer facts and gain their knowledge in the bargain. This happens aptly when you know your target audience and the necessities and current affairs too. Hence the best persuasive speech topics can be easy, simple, unique and interesting enough to be heard.