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Quartiles and percentiles are an important part of statistics; they are used for further calculations. The scores can be divided into quarters, also known as quartiles.

Quartile and percentile are an important part of the life of statistics student, and they will need to take Percentiles and Quartiles homework answers so that they score better on an assignment. Quartiles are variants that are denoted by word Q.

More about percentiles

Percentile is the understood well by understanding the value that falls below the data and this can be best illustrated with an example. Assume that there are twenty persons in a group and you are ranked fourth tallest in 20. That would mean that there would be 80 % people who would be ranked shorter than you or in simple terms 16 persons ranked below your rank. Assume that your height is 167 cm then that would mean that 167 will be ranked as the 80th percentile of that group.

Now to calculate a percentile, the data should be arranged in order, and this would help in finding the right percentile. There can be confusion when data gets grouped, and this can best illustrate with an example.

There should be a calculation of the percentages that come with the score and the half the score amount in which you get representation.

There are grading systems in an exam and if a person scores b grade in an exam, the student will have to find what all students scored Grade d has been scored by 12% and grade C has been scored by 50% and assume that 30% scored B grade and 8% had scored A grade.

The first way is to add up all the grades other than B, and that would come to 62 % as only C and D are added up. Then half of the B grade is added up, and in this case, B grade is 30%, and half is that 15%. Then the percentile is 77%. In other words, you have done better than 77% of the people in the class, and that is not a bad achievement. These types of examples will be loaded in Percentiles and Quartiles homework answers.

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