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For a small business owner it is very important to attain adequate proficiency in payroll accounting. Being a student of accountancy it is also important for you understand payroll accounting in details and learn the skill of recording each types of expenditure in the accounting books. is the right place where you can learn about this subject very easily and also seek payroll accounting homework answers from our accountancy experts.

What does payroll accounting mean?

Payroll accounting means keeping records of employees’ compensation. A company has to keep a record of the following expenditures in the accounting books:

  • Gross wages, salaries, commissions, bonuses, and other incomes which a company spend towards its employees.
  • Federal income taxes, Medicare taxes, social security taxes, and state income taxes (optional)
  • Withholding for the employees’ part of health insurance premiums, workers’ contributions to savings plans, United Way, garnishments of income.
  • Employer’s expenditure for social security taxes, Medicare taxes, state and federal unemployment taxes.
  • Payment towards fringe benefits which include health and dental insurance, sick days, paid holidays, vacations days, contributions towards pension and savings plan, worker compensation insurance and many more.

Difficulties in Payroll Accounting

While writing Payroll Accounting assignment answers student face many challenges. Making entries in account books is a complex task. One has to very careful about employee regulation guidelines, changes in taxes compliance issues. Initially, students face trouble in making the entries correctly and presenting a correct accounting figure.

We are constantly analysing the types of assignments students receive and try to understand what challenges the students face. After many years of research, we are now in a position to offer reliable Payroll Accounting homework help to our students.

Keeping record of expenditure in the accounting books

In every business venture it is needed to keep a record of the earnings and pay outs in order to keep a check on their commercial stand.  Cash book is the one that holds all the record of its financial position in which entry of payroll journals is made. This is done under the payroll account of which the payroll journals are a component of the small business general ledger.

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Determining the payroll accrual

The payroll accrual amounts are accessed into a debt account by which the credit balancing in the first is the sum of money paid to employees. The total amount owed by the employees is the amount they have earned from their services. However, as per the balance sheet date, the amount to be paid is pending.

While providing Payroll Accounting assignment answers we try to keep the answers simple and explain each answer with real time examples so students can easily understand what we have done. is dedicated to offer correct Payroll Accounting homework help to students. We are proud to say that so far none of our students has received poor grade in Payroll Accounting. If you are also facing challenge in this subject then subscribe us as early as possible.

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