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If you plan to open a business, the prominent things that you will look forth are strategies that can bring you huge profits. However, it is a difficult task when it comes to choosing the correct investment. Now, when you are asked the very thing in your assignment regarding payback period, it may be a bit difficult to highlight the important aspects. In order to reduce the mental strain, we have created for you, our exceptionally yet simply explained Payback Method homework help manual.

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What is payback method?

When talked about the various return on investment methods, payback is considered as the highly common one to use. This helps in determining the amount that you can expect to get back after you make an investment.

Important terminologies of it

  • Time value of money

This represents the estimation of interest amount that one can earn over a given period.

  • Capital cost

Return rate of a capital amount which is expected to be earned on a different investment. In this case, risks are nearly similar to both investment methods.

How can payback method the calculated?

Calculation for this is extremely simple. The first step is to consider the initial investment. You will have an expected amount that you wish to invest every year. With this expected amount, you are required to divide the initial investment amount. With this step in process, you will get the resultant.

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Limitations of payback method

There are 2 main limitations when it comes to the analyzation of payback method.

  1. Consideration of this method is only related to cash inflows. Again, it is only until the period when recovery of cash outflow in initial investment is complete.
  2. Payback method does not take into account monetary time valuation

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Mistakes when utilising payback method

Fundamental flaws that most companies make with payback methods include:

  1. Not considering time value of money
  2. You cannot expect to know about return rate if you only rely on payback method
  • With this method, you can have the assurance to get back your invested amount. However, it is also a fact that you may not have that specific amount at the very profitable time to invest.

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