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Fundamentals of Paasche Index

Paasche index is a topic related to microeconomics which was developed in 19th century by famous economist Herman Paasche. The development of this Paasche index helps you to measure the current price value of goods and commodities easily. However, it has a difference with the other famous method Laspeyres index, where the weighting is done with the help of current period values. Visit us at for more information.

Formation of Paasche index

The index is a widespread method which is calculated as the ratio of the cost of commodities at present or current value to the value of that product at a base period which is in result multiplied with 100. Using Paasche index homework help,you can easily understand the basic working principle of this index.

Reason behind Change in Paasche Index

When the price of the good and commodities increase the response to consumption of the public is quite typical, which elaborates as if there is a growth in consumption then it will lead to are duction of prices, which is easily understandable by Paasche index homework help.

More over the result from Paasche index give a detailed idea about the cost of good that would cost today comparing to yesterdays value. As it is calculated with the current value of goods and services, it is often referred to as a current weighted index.

The Significance of Paasche Index Value

When the value of Paasche index is 1, it states that the consumer has the ability to buy the same commodities as in the base period which they can buy now. The drawback of this method is that the effect related to substitution is not taken into account in this approach.

However, you will understand the topic in more depth and detailed way with Paasche index homework help, where the entire necessary topic is given for your convenience.

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