Other Factors Affecting the Capital Structure Choice Homework Help

Other Factors Affecting the Capital Structure Choice Assignment Help

Learn How Different Factors Can Affect the Capital Structure Model of a Company

Assignments on finance are often quiet confusing and tough for students to understand. The various decisions of finance need deep observation and you need to go to the depth to search information. Generally assignments on finance are done on the basis of examples, examples of different companies and how they operate in different financial crisis. But the problem is the details on the operations of different companies is not that easy. Similarly the concept of capital structure, which is an important part of finance, has several factors related to it.

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Brief analysis of factors that affect other factors affecting the capital structure

Following are the list of factors that can affect the capital structure model of a company:

  • Depending on the size and nature of the firm the capital structure model can change. Big firms will obviously require larger labour and capital. And the opposite will happen with small firms.
  • The amount risk that exists in the production process is another factor that affects the capital structure. Firms which have less risk gets more loans and can get high profit from equities.
  • The number of securities also affects the capital structure of a company.
  • Any kind of expansion or changes within the firm will definitely change the capital structure.
  • Depending on the behaviour of the managers capital structure can change. It depends whether the managers are working on the firm’s side or are working on their interest.
  • The rules and regulation of the government and other governmental policies can affect the capital structure.

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