Types of Organizational Planning: Help with Assignments

What is organizational planning?

Every organization has some long term goals which must be identified and according steps and business decisions should be taken to meet those goals in time. A sufficient amount of planning goes in materializing the long term objectives of an organization and such planning is known as organizational planning. If adequate steps are not taken in due time, the long term objectives will be hard to fulfill and therefore, the planners must keep analyzing and observing the needs of the company from time to time and formulate appropriate strategies.

The management team of an organization is responsible for many things and organizational planning is one of their most significant responsibilities. It would include decisions related to resource allocation or allocation of employees.

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Types of Organizational planning:

Organizational planning can be related to many things, starting with staffing to product related decisions to financial planning. Our Organizational Planning Homework Help here shall provide students with a brief idea about some of the important organizational planning procedures:

  • Product planning:

Product planning is an attempt to make a particular brand’s product more attractive and alluring than that of its rival brands. The whole decision would involve participation of finance, operational and marketing teams. Marketing would be responsible for coming up with ideas regarding the present demands in the market. Operational team would consider what steps can be taken to make the product better than it is already is. Financial team might consider an improvement in the cost of per unit production or in other investments such as advertising.

  • Financial Planning:

A person can get an idea about the financing planning of a company if they keep in mind how a family plans its expenditure with respect to a particular fixed budget. Only that in case of a business organization, the planning happens on a larger scale and there are many more aspects to be considered. The basics however remain the same: the management team decides how they are to allocate their recourses.

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