Organic Compounds with Nitrogen

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Organic chemistry and its problems

Organic chemistry is a vast subject.This is mainly because organic compounds have a lot of variety. Such compounds are derived from hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, etc.But one of the most complex topics here is nitrogen compounds. There are numerous molecular structures that form organic compounds using nitrogen.

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Types of organic compounds with nitrogen

Now one may ask why students might seek help for this topic. This is purely because of the sheer number of possibilities with nitrogen. There are a lot of nitrogen-based organic compounds and learning about them is quite tough. The complex structures can be quite overwhelming. As a result, it is advisable that students seek proper guidance from experts.

  • Amines

One has to learn about various types of organic compounds with nitrogen. So for instance, there are amines. Now, these are compounds that are derived from ammonia or NH3. So when you replace hydrogen molecules with alkyl groups, you get amines.

The number of hydrogen removed determines the kind of amine it is. So it is a primary amine if alkyl group replaces one hydrogen molecule. If it replaces two, you have a secondary amine. And it is a tertiary amine if it replaces three.

  • Amides

This is another type of organic compound that contains nitrogen. Only here, the nitrogen attaches to a carbonyl carbon. Condensation reactions produce amides. An amine reacts with a carboxylic acid to form an amide. There are other categories and divisions that are even more complex.

So clearly it is quite tough to grasp all of this. In fact, it is almost impossible to know in detail about these compounds if one doesn’t get proper assistance. In such a case, it is best students get help from experts in the field.

Some very common problems in the subject

There are a lot of things that students need help in. The common problems are:

  • Nomenclature of organic compounds.
  • Diagrams of complex molecular structures.
  • Elaborate manufacturing methods of important organic compounds.
  • Balancing of complex equations.

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The effects of problems on students

These issues often prove to be quite problematic for students. As a result, students often have to face numerous difficulties. Some of the common difficulties are:

  • Due to the complexity of the topic, students lose a lot of motivation.
  • It is very common that students try and avoid the topic.
  • Since students don’t want to study the subject a lot, grades go down. That has really bad effects.

Where to look for help?

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How to take help for assignments on organic compounds with nitrogen?

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