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What is Orbital Computational Dynamics?
The appearance or disappearance of orbits connecting heteroclinic and homoclinic points, determines many structural changes in dynamical system. In a one-parameter problem, when on a division of periodic solutions periods tend to be infinity, homoclinic orbit arises. In order to compute the connecting orbits and their associated parameter values, a direct numerical method is developed.  A general phase condition is employed and shortened into the boundary value problem t a finite value problem by utilising the asymptotic boundary conditions technique on both ends.

Homoclinic orbit are limiting cases of periodic orbits which attain infinite period. It stays bounded in phase space. Other events or phenomena that may take place near homoclinic pairs are the strange attractive sets may appear in Shil’nikov type system and Lorenz system. This topic deals with numerical computation of connecting pairs of orbit. Further these computations have been discussed by Orbital Computational Dynamics Assignment Help experts. Detailed notes have also been provided by our experts’ team. Different sums on these topics which are popularly covered in your syllabus will also be there in the notes delivered by us.

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