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Online Essay Writing Tips to Hike up Your English Literature Skills

by Jun 19, 2016Homework Help

It is perhaps known to all now that English is the international language for communication. It is the official national language of Britain. Hence learning this language is very important in today’s world. Nowadays, people often travel to different parts of the worlds and to different nations. Naturally it is not possible to learn the languages of each of those countries. But easy communication is possible if we know the international language.
Learning anything in a half-hearted manner is not something to be supported. It is necessary to learn English and if you learn it then it should be learnt properly.Learning English involves learning its grammar and structures.The best application of what you learnt can be done through your writings. The writings involve mainly essay writing. Nothing other than essay writings can test your skills in English better.
If you can master essay writing then it means that you have mastered the subject of English. Online essay writing  is one of the best ways to improve your writing skill. Here you can get different Type of content matter which goes at par with the modern age. Here we present some tips to improve your essay writing skills and help you in the way of mastering English.
The planning
Any serious work requires a good planning at the beginning. If a person wishes to write an appropriate essay they should start by making a proper plan for it.

  • Analyze and understand well the topic of your essay and what it demands.
  • Decide which points are to be highlighted in your essay. The point should be distinct and meaningful.
  • Chalk out an outline for the essay allotting sections or paragraphs for your chosen points.

It is advisable that you try to stick to the pattern and plans that you make here, while writing your essay.
The resources
To improve your writing skillsand to serve the best content, you need to consult with some experts.

  • Library isan excellentplace where youcan get different types of books of old and new age to collect your study material.
  • Internet is another source where you can get a lot of updated material. You can also download any book as you required fromInternet.
  • Academic articles, written by scholars at universities which are published in journals and magazines also will be useful resource for your writings.
  • Newspaper articles might be useful evidence to hike up your writing.

Any essay writing must have an introduction or a beginning paragraph. A writer cannot jump directly into the content of the essay. So it is crucial that you attach the introduction paragraph at the beginning.

  • An introduction must be brief and to the point where you will just give your reader an idea of what to expect in the content.
  • Remember this is not the body of your essay. Do not try to describe your contents here or list all main points of the essay.
  • It is better not to begin straightforward as ‘This essay talks about…’ or ‘Here we will discuss’ followed by a list of ideas.
  • Try to ease readers into the context.

Paragraphing properly
Paragraphs are important aspects of essay writing. They form a structure of the main body. Hence, while writing, proper paragraphs must be made.

  • Make paragraphs wisely according to the points as decided earlier.
  • Try to concentrate on the corresponding points and matters of the paragraph while writing it. Do not stray away from course, which is one of the popular tendencies of a novice writer.
  • Make sure that all paragraphs are distinguishable and that you do not repeat yourself anywhere in your writing carelessly.
  • Since an essay is usually on a single topic, its paragraphs must have certain link with each other. When a reader goes from one paragraph to another they must not feel like jumping from one idea toanother.

Providing evidence
While writing essays especially on general knowledge topics a writer cannot just state anything bluntly asthey wish.They need to provide arguments and evidence for their statements. Giving a few real life examples related to the statement can be helpful. Other popular methods of providing evidence are providing statistical data, quotes of respectable persons, etc. in your writings.
Style of writing
Excessive use of style is not much appreciated in such writing. Try to be a bit formal.

  • Do not use colloquial abbreviations and informal English like ‘don’t’, ‘can’t’, ‘gonna’, ‘wanna’, etc.
  • If you talk about famous personalities do not mention them just by their names. Use of full names or only surnames of eminent figures sounds much more formal.
  • You can also be creative to some extent about expressing your ideas and appealing to the readers. But you must also keep in mind ausual readers’ feelings and sentiments.

In serious writing, it is not easy to make a perfect ending. The ending paragraph or conclusion is very crucial. At the end of reading, the reader must not feel that it all ended up so quickly. The art is to ease a reader into the end exactly like easing them into your text in the introduction. An essay with a proper beginning and proper ending is the one that is appreciated and proves your skills in English.
Creating a good essay is not assembling some good words and information. Yourideas should be original and you have to develop them clearly with intelligent evidence and convincing arguments. These will make you more and more skillful and your English essay writing skill will help you to learn others subjects.
In the higher studies, you need to do various assignments, a good writing skill is required for that also. Being skillful in English is one of the best ways and means to deal with brainstorming physics assignments and also of other subjects. So always try to hike up your English literature skill.