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Online Education Offers Unparalleled Learning Freedom – From the Comfort of Home

by Sep 6, 2016Assignment Help

Now-a-days education becomes very important part in our life. People like to get more degrees to improve their career. In fulfilling this urge of the students, there is a better option to get any degree at any time. This easy process of learning is called online education. This is also known as e-learning and distance learning. This process has the equal value like traditional courses.
Online education in this present era has become very popular for those students who like to get their desired degree from the comfort of home. In online education participants do not need to go anywhere, they do not need to attendclassrooms. Here desktop is the classroom of the students. Their study materials are more attractive than traditional study courses. It includes video format, audio format, animations etc.
Using software for online education:
In this online educationsystem, there are some software which are used for class tests and progress reports. “Moddle” software is used by many universities. They take advantage of this software to share their study materials and to takeclass test. It also helps to issue progress report and certificate.
“Myvideotalk” software is also important for online education. Using this software, universities can send online class videos to the students. It is helpful for video mailing.
Different from traditional study course:
This education system is entirely different from traditional college courses. In traditional study courses, students have to attend their class at scheduled time, where teachers take their classes face to face. They use blackboard. Their education process is generally based on lecture and oral speech. Those students first have tounderstand the oral speech then note necessary information.
On the other hand, in this process of online education, those students do not have to reach any classroom. They can learn their favourite subject from the comfort of home. Universities provide them audio video presentation and animation for better understanding.
Types of e-learning:
There are two types of e-learning. These are synchronous learning and asynchronous learning.
Synchronous learning:
In this learning system all participants have to present at the same time. They cannot attend the class whenever they want. The timing of the class is fixed. This process of learning is fulfilled with the help of Skype or any other video calling system.
Asynchronous learning:
Timing of attending class in this learning process is quite flexible than the previous one. Here the participants can attend the class when they are comfortable. All students are not present at the same time. Universities use email, blogs and videos in this education process.
Advantages of online education:
E-learning education provides us many facilities which attract people day by day. There are many advantages of getting a degree through online at the comfort of home.

  • No need to quit job:

Now-a-daysstudents after completing their schooling they prefer to earn money. They like to continue their job. At the same time, they also want to get ahigher degree to improve their career. In this situation, it is the online education system which helps them. Participants can attend class at their suitable time. After returning from workplace they can attend classes.

  • Students can save their travelling time:

This e-learning offers those participants to get a degree from home. Theydo not have to reach the institution regularly. It saves their time of traveling. They can easily avoid the problem of facing traffic. On the other hand, it saves their energy and they find more interest to learn their subject.

  • No need to walk class room to class room:

Participants in a traditional college course have to walk class room to class room for attending the class. But here these students can attend various classes sitting at the same place. It saves their time. They can use their time for another purpose.

  • Choosing favourite course:

Sometimes desired courses of people are not found in the local area. In this situation, candidates do not have any other option instead of going to a distant university. But this distant learning through online offers those candidates an opportunity to learn from their home. There are many universities which have the facilities of online education. Any candidate can easily get their desired degree by joining there.

  • Attractive teaching way:

In present days, participants are getting attracted by this process of education because their teaching can be easily understood than our traditional study courses. Here, the universities provide video, audio and animation which help people to understand their respective subject. It also helps to remember valuable information.

  • Self-motivation:

A candidate needs strongself-motivation in getting a degree through e-learning. This study program offers flexible time so candidate must have the desire and motivation to attend the class regularly. Otherwise, he cannot learn anything. This is one of the crucial factors in getting success in online learning.

  • Students can skip unwanted portion:

Here the participants can skip the portion which they do not need. That portion can be easily skipped. On the other hand, they can focus on those portions which they need most.

  • Cost effective:

This way getting a degree is very cost effective than traditional college course because here universities do not need to provide college environment. On the other hand, those participants can save their travel fare.

  • Simplicity:

Simplicity is another important factor which attracts people to involve in online studying. In this learning program candidate can easily get the study material by simply clicking the file. They can get the help of the teachers any time they want.

  • Faster, cheaper and easily available:

Distant learning process is a faster, better and flexible process than the traditional learning program.
Day by day this process of learning becomes more attractive to the people. This program is not only attractive for the student it is also taken by the elderly persons and women who have children. Anyone can take the help of this learning process to get a degree because it has the equal value like traditional courses from the comfort of home.