Oil and Gas Homework Answers

Oil and Gas Homework Answers

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For your homework, the things that need to be cleared are what does it mean by oil and gas? How were they formed and what is the origin? Let’s discuss oil first for your oil and gas homework answers.

Oil: This term basically means petroleum. The petroleum is a naturally occurring substance. Colored as yellow to black found underground and is refined into different kinds of fuels by the degree of refinement. The constituents are separated by fractional distillation or by using fractional column.


Oil or petroleum is made up of hydrocarbons of different molecular weights. There are various other organic compounds involved in the formation as well. Most of the products of petroleum that we see are mainly refined crude oil.

How petroleum is formed:

Petroleum is a fossil fuel, developed by the burial of a huge number of dead organisms like algae, planktons, plants under the sedimentary rock going through an immense amount of intense heat and pressure.

Petroleum so far mostly has been found by oil drilling but springs. Drilling is done within the sedimentary rocks, depending upon the permeability and porosity of the concerned reservoir. After which distillation refines the product into usable consumer products like kerosene, gasoline, asphalt. About 95 million barrels are extracted from under the ground each day.

For the next step of your oil and gas assignment answers, let’s discuss natural gas.

Natural gas:

This is also a naturally occurring gas mix, mainly composed of methane but also includes Carbon-di-oxide, nitrogen, hydrogen sulphide and helium. It is also formed the same way as oil is created, by the application of heat and pressure on plant and animal matters over millions of years.


Natural gas is used as fossil fuel and well as in cooking, heat applications and in the generation of electricity after going through a couple of steps of refinement. Like oil, natural gas is also a non-renewable resource being used from Earth’s deposition.

According to a recent estimate, about 150 km3 of natural gas gets vented over a year.

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