Knowing about Objectives of Management Accounting

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An insight ofobjectives of management accounting

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Each of the objectives in management accounting is as important as they are. These objectives have been discussed below.

  • Department Coordination

Through management accounting, coordination among the departments can be done by providing reports of functional budgeting regularly to the management.

  • Financial Statement

One of the mainroles in management accounting is collecting accounting data and analyzing it. The information provided by management accounting is very helpful and essential to the management for decision making and planning. To interpret accounting data, tools like trend analysis, ratio analysis, and fund flow and cash flow is used.

  • Reporting

Informing the management about the current position of the company is one of the key roles of management accounting. This information regarding the report also covers how the different departments are performing. This also helps the management in taking timely decisions.

  • Tax Administration

Management accounting also helps the management to comply with the tax system of the country. Most of the country’s tax structure only increases in complexity, and it becomes hard for the management to cope with it.

  • Performance Control

A proper managerial control system is provided by management accounting to the management by tools like management audit, standard costing, and budgetary control. This ensures the management to use the resources efficiently.

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