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Financial management is management of funds and resources so that the company meets its goals and objectives and run a firm so that it gains maximum and utmost profit. It shows the profit of a company, and all things about long term and short term budget. There are many scholars as well as experts who have different meaning about financial management.

The main objectives of financial management are as follows:

  • Management of finance is important for the obtaining, distribute and to control finance of resources. It is done to ensure steady and sufficient supply of funds to concern.
  • To ensure optimum utilization of funds. Once the funds are obtained, they should be utilized in in maximum possible way with least of cost.
  • It helps to see that shareholders are get there returns on time that depends on the price of share in the market, capacity of earnings and the expectations that a shareholder may have.
  • It is used for the planning of a proper structure of the capital, which means a company needs to maintain a fair arrangement of capital so as to maintain a balance between equity of capital and debt.
  • Funds should be thoughtfully invested into assured ventures so that returns are sure come.
  • To maintain adequate reserves and surplus so as to meet its future business needs and take care of any unfortunate circumstances, if any.

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