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As a part of designing apple programs, Objective-C is widely used. For all apple products, it is objective-c that forms the very basis of the product and for the creation of software for operating system X and iOS. It is a superset of the C programming language and is an object oriented language that is capable of adding Smalltalk style messages to C programming. It is also used for API’s, Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.

The language is difficult to understand for an amateur which is why we, at myhomeworkhelp.com provide with Objective-C homework help to assist students. We understand the complications that these programming languages present that prevent the students from completing their assignments. Moreover, its components and functions need to be understood thoroughly as well to proceed with the creation of the program.

Why is Objective-C so popular?

There are various reasons available for the popularity of this particular programming language which can be understood with Objective-C homework help. Primarily, it forms the very basis of all software that runs on OS X and iOS. Secondly, it is an object oriented language that helps with Cocoa frameworks because of its functionality. Moreover, Objective C is an extension of ANSI C, which means that the current C programming language can adapt to software frameworks without losing its originality.

All the benefits of C exist in the language which allows the programmer to stick to procedural programming techniques or change to object oriented method. It is also a simple language with small and easy to understand syntax.

Components of Objective-C

Students can ably learn about the various components of this particular programming language with Objective-C assignment help. It is through a thorough understanding of such concepts that students can proceed to write a program successfully to complete their assignments. These are as below:

  • Classes where it acts as root class and has the ability to behave as objects.
  • Protocols that comprise of methods fundamental to all objective-c objects.
  • Reference defines the data structure and runtime library functions.
  • Enumerations that specifically describes the behaviour of an association.
  • Data structure support the dynamic quality of the language.

How is objective-c and c++ different?

The differences between the two can be best learned with Objective-C assignment help. One of the primary difference between the two language is that while objective-c supports runtime reflective features, C++ supports runtime to C in a small way. While the former allows an object to be questioned about its own properties, however it is not possible in the latter as it uses external libraries.

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