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Barack Obama was the 44th President of the United States. His presidency was from 2009-2017. He has a pretty rich educational and political background. He won the Nobel Prize for peace in the year 2009.

During his presidency lots of executive orders and presidential memoranda were issued by him on different sectors which were treated as national rules and regulation at that period. We are trying to give a fair idea about this but if you want to know more detail information for doing your best and most relevant assignment then you must get in touch with any professional Obama Regulations assignment help.

In a nutshell

The entire acts and rules that were introduced at his time period were segmented in different parts that are given below:

  • Domestic policy

At the very beginning he signed’ Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act’ at 2009 by this act equal-pay lawsuits were established. On the same year he appointed two lady justices in the Supreme Court for the first time in history of United State.

On 2010 he passed ‘Health Care and Education Reconciliation’ Act, by this act ‘Pell Grant’ scholarship award was increased and ‘Patient Protection and Affordable Care’ act was revised.

  • Environmental policy

On September, 2009 he gave a proposal of regulation on power plants factories and oil refineries to reduce environmental pollution and global warming. He raised his voice several time for greenhouse emissions, petroleum exploration to save the environment.

  • Health care policy

On 2009 he took a bold step for reauthorization of the ‘State Children’s Health Insurance Program’.  By this action near about four million children who had no life insurance previously get life coverage.

  • Economic policy

‘The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’ of 2009 was taken by Obama to recover world economy from recession.

  • Other policy

By his ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Ac’ on 2010, open service of lesbian and gay people  was prevented from United States Armed Forces.

In this year he had changed the plan direction of United State Space agency. Introduction of Ares I rocket and Ares V rocket was the best inclusion in world’s space science in this period.

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