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What is the sampling theorem?

To start from the very basic, analog signals have to be converted into digital data for communicating effectively through computers. This conversion process is known as sampling and measurement of values at every interval are called samples.

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From Shannon’s point of view;

Suppose a function x(t) has frequencies less than B hertz.Then, the value is determined by a gap of 1/(2B) seconds apart.

If the bandlimit is higher than B < fs/2 or sometimes no bandlimit, there are imperfections, or aliasing, in the reconstruction.

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Shannon’s original proof has a slightly different view. He discusses the reconstruction through sinc functions, also known as Whittaker-Shannon interpolation formula. The theorem is perfectly explained using equationsin our Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem assignment help. An interesting part of the study is that how Nyquist’s name was added in the theorem with Shannon’s.Well, thestart is exactly not known, but it has been added in several ways in sampling studies since long. Shannon himself referred to the critical sampling interval as Nyquist interval while proving his sampling theorem in 1949.

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