Theory of Nyquist Frequency: Learn from Industry Professionals

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Nyquist frequency is the bandwidth that is half of the sampling rate of a discrete signal.Also known as folding frequency, this is not equivalent to Nyquist rate.

To give an example of Nyquist frequency, imagine, a signal has a sample at 22050 Hz. Then the highest frequency, or Nyquist frequency, in the sampled signal would be 11025 Hz. For getting this expectation, a flow of continuous signal should be run via lowpass-filter, having acut-off frequency lower than 11025 Hz.

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What is Nyquist rate?

Nyquist rate is different from Nyquist frequency, which most people get confused about. Nyquist rate, in a signal process, is double the bandwidth that is within a bandlimited channel.There are two separate meanings for this, based on separate situations.

  • One is like an upper bound symbol rate that is sampled across baseband channel with bandwidth limitation.
  • Another is as a lower bound for sample rate to give analias-free signal sample.

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