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Biology is the subject that concerns with living organisms and their construction. That is why it is considered to be natural science. You can learn about living beings and their cell structures when studying biology. This is quite natural that you can understand genetic construction also. These two are most common in all biological topics that are interlinked with each others. You can find about Nucleic acid and its chemistry from us as either homework or assignment help. Get your Nucleic Acid Chemistry Homework Help from us. You are just few clicks away from us at myhomeworkhelp.com.

What is nucleic acid?

This acid belongs to macromolecule family. The special agent that is included in it is called deoxyribonucleic acid or more commonly known as DNA. There are also many forms of RNA in this acid. In this case, we must inform that DNA works behind genetic construction of any living organism.

Most close description of DNA is that is a collection of combined instructions or genes that are essential for building any organism. You will find in Nucleic Acid Chemistry Homework Help that the other important aspect of nucleic acid, RNA has important role to play in translational process. It is also responsible for that information carried to convert DNA to a specific type of protein in the body.

Construction of nucleic acid:

It is around 1910 when the discovery was made that there are two essential types of nucleic acid:

  • DNA
  • RNA

In this context, you must learn that it was a process called deoxyribose invented by Robert Feulgen in the year of 1920 that helped in distinguishing between these two nucleic acids. You should be considering important facts on nucleic acids found from Nucleic Acid Chemistry Homework Help:

  • Nucleic acids are known as polynucleotides. The reason is that they a lined connection with polymers that are found in nucleotides.
  • Usually, DNAs have double strands. But there are some exceptions found in specific viruses that have single strands.
  • You will find in Nucleic Acid Chemistry Assignment Help that in eukaryotes there are millions of those pairs that are working behind multiple genetic constructions found in chromosomes.
  • RNAs are single stranded nucleic acids.
  • RNAs are synthesized from templates found in DNA structures. This process is called transcription.
  • These RNAs have necessary roles to play. According to biological experiments, these are divided into three types:
  1. Messenger RNA or mRNA
  2. Ribosomal RNA or rRNA
  3. And Transfer RNA or tRNA

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