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Before going deep into the study of nuclear physics, let us give you a brief explanation of nuclear physics. The term nuclear physics is a term in physics that deals with the study of atomic nuclei and also their constituents and interactions. Nuclear power generation is one such application of nuclear physics that is the most known.

Nuclear physics homework help describes it as the study of the neutrons and protons that are present at the centre point of an atom. It deals with the interaction that holds them together in space.

Structure of an atom

In this content of, you will get a thorough explanation of the structure of an atom with nuclear physics assignment help. Atoms are made up of a three basic kinds of particles known as protons, neutrons and electrons.  The centre of an atom consists of a nucleus at the centre with electrons rotating about the nucleus. The nuclei of atoms are composed of protons that are positive electrical charged particles and the neutrons are electrically neutral. The electrons are electrically negative and their charge is equal in magnitude to that of a proton.

Radioactive decay

There are some elements where the nuclei do not remain stable. These are radioactive nuclei and they emit particles and huge amount of energy that are called radiation. Unstable nuclei undergo radioactive decay. Nuclear physics homework help explains the several different ways in which they undergo this decay.

  • Alpha decay – This is a form of radiation with the least penetrating power. This harms the inside of the body and not the outside. This is known to be a very damaging form of energy
  • Beta decay – It is an emission of a positron or electron
  • Electron capture – This is a type of capture that is done by the nucleus present in an electron
  • Spontaneous fission –The fission of a massive metal without any input of an external form of energy

Nuclear physics assignment help is required for students seeking for help with their assignments. This content contains all the materials required for you to get a proper idea of the subject.

Binding energy

The binding energy is created by the strong nuclear force that keeps the nuclei tightly bound together. This is the amount of energy that completely breaks up a nucleus and also separates the neutrons and protons in it. It is the electrical forces that hold the electrons in their orbits. Electrons enable chemical reactions and the nucleons take part in this nuclear reaction. Nuclear physics homework help makes the concept of these terms easier for someone who is going through these terms for the first time.

Nuclear fission

The small amount of mass of the nucleus of an atom that is converted into energy produces some kind of a nuclear energy. Nuclear fission takes place when the nucleus is heavier than nickel-62 the binding energy per nucleon decreases with the mass number. There is a special type of spontaneous nuclear fission that makes the process of alpha decay possible. Nuclear physics assignment help does not only make the terms clear but also gives a thorough description on the whole subject. service

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