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In very simplified terms, NPV is the method of calculating the financial worth of a project.It is evident, why NPV is so vital to a student of finance. Our NPV decision rule homework help

What is NPV score?

It determines whether a company should take up a project depending on its profitability. The rule is in coherence with the NPV score of every individual project.

Initially, experts measure the score by calculating the NPV. A net present value score can be 0, positive or negative. A positive rating ensures probable profitability, while a negative score shows an imminent loss. Companies use this score and the decision rule to decide.

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What is the NPV decision rule?

The above principles divide the rule into 3 specific parts.

  1. In case of a single project, a positive NPV score determines profitability and assignment should be accepted.
  2. It addresses multiple inclusive projects by ranking the one with highest NPV score first, followed by others.
  3. When projects are exclusive of one another, the one with the highest NPV score is accepted.

Why is NPV decision rule important?

Since business corporations focus on profit, the decision rule gives them some mathematical insight. Also, when there are bulk project offers, organizations can decide on which ones to accept based on this law.

However, there are a few drawbacks of NPV decision rule.

  1. It is hugely dependant on the discount rate. An increase could affect the score negatively.
  2. Being a summation of multiple discount rates affects its efficacy.
  3. It is dependant on educated estimation and is not entirely foolproof.

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