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About North West Corner Rule
There are many methods by which you will learn to solve initial basic feasible solution and North West Corner Rule happens to be one of them. In simple words, it can be explained as a method where this type of basic feasible solution for any sort of transportation problem can be computed. The speciality of this method is that the basic variables are chosen from the top most left corner, that is, North West Corner. You as a student will learn in details in your educational institution about the steps and they are explained below by our North West Corner Rule Homework Help team:

  • At first from the transportation table, the cell on the North West corner will be selected and then allocation of as many units as probable which will be equal to the minimum which is there in the requirements of demand and supply.
  • Then comes the time for arranging the demand and supply numbers. This arrangement will be done in respective columns and row.
  • After the exhaustion of the first row, you will have to move down to the second row’s first cell.
  • Similarly in case of the demand the way after exhaustion you have to move horizontally to the second column’s next cell.
  • When the total available quantity will be fully allocated to the cell as per requirement, then only it will be over and till then you have to continue the procedure.

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