Take Excel to Concept of Normality by Understanding All the Required Fundamentals

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Definition of normality:

“N” is the unit symbol of normality and it is nothing but a measureof concentration which is similar to the gram equivalent weight/liter of solution. However, gram equivalent weight= a molecule’s reactive capacity. In fact, normality is reaction dependent among all the concentration units.

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Example of how to calculate normality of a solution:

  • 5 grams is a 1 N solution of HCL.
  • 1 M H2SO4 obtains 1 N or normality.

Usages of normality (N):

Well, normality Homework Help let you understand some of the common areas in which normality is used and they are as follows:

  • In redox reactions, concept of normality is used to describe the number of electrons those oxidizing or reducing agent can accept or donate respectively.
  • In the fields of acids and bases, normality is used to express the concentration of H+and OH
  • This normality concept is also needed in the precipitation reactions.

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