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What are normal goods?

Normal goods are a category of goods whose demand increases with the increase in the income. We can say that elasticity of demand for normal goods is directly proportional to the income changes of a consumer. So basically, when the salary of a consumer increases, the demand for normal goods also increases and vice-versa.

One can take an example of whole wheat or favorite food item of a consumer. So if the consumer looks to have chicken in dinner, the demand for the same will increase when the income of the consumer increases. Students can relate to many examples of normal goods in practical life. If you wish to know more, you must register for our services or better quality content on your assignment. With normal versus inferior goods assignment help, you will understand the concept in better examples.

What are inferior goods?

Inferior goods are those whose demand decreases when the income of the consumer increases. Or we can say that elasticity of demand for inferior goods is inversely proportional to the income change of the consumer. So when the salary of the consumer rises, the demand for inferior goods and products drop.

One such example of inferior goods are cheap and affordable cars. A consumer prefers affordable cars when their income with restricted to a specific number. When the income of the consumer rises; their choice will move to luxury segment of cars. And if you want more examples on the same, register for expert normal versus inferior goods homework help, and we will provide you more examples.

Normal versus inferior goods

As we compare these two types of goods, we will understand that the elasticity of their demand is conversely proportional. When consumer prefers normal goods, they generally switch their choice of inferior goods in the same category. So when a consumer is preferring fresh noodles and 5kg of fish over instant noodles and 2 kg of fish, we can assume that they can switch their choice to normal goods than inferior goods. The reason is quite understood: increase in income! In order to represent the same on demand curve, log in for normal versus inferior goods assignment help with us and you can leave everything on our expert team!

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