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Definition ofNonlinear control:

Nonlinear control theory is connected to the theory of control that deals with different systems. These systems are time vibrant, nonlinear or both. Control theory is discussed with the nature of dynamical systems with inputs and also the process to modify output. This control theory is divided into two parts. These are linear control and nonlinear control.

Nonlinear control theory covers different systems that do not follow the superposition principle. It applies real world systems. These are formulated by nonlinear differential equation. You can get more information on this topic and can learn clearly to get more score with Nonlinear control Homework Help guidance from

Properties of nonlinear systems:

  • They generally do not obey the principle of superposition.
  • They can have many isolated equilibrium points.
  • They can exhibit properties, like chaos, limit cycle.
  • Solutions of nonlinear systems do not always exist.

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Analysis of nonlinear systems:

  • Phase plane method
  • Describing function method
  • Popov criterion
  • Small gain theorem
  • Singular perturbation method
  • Passivity analysis
  • Lyapunov stability analysis

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