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Students seem to get confused while doing their assignments. Accounting is a tough subject and there are different topics that need to be handled efficiently. If you are assigned with nominal accounts homework, then you can definitely take help from myhomeworkhelp.com. We give you an assurance of getting high quality nominal accounts assignment help.

What is meant by nominal account?

Nominal accounts are known to be temporary accounts which you would definitely study in accounting course. Such accounts usually include the income statement accounts or you can say that this account would consider:

  1. Expenses
  2. Revenues
  3. Profit
  4. Losses

Nominal accounts assignment help will give you knowledge about temporary account and it is not only income statement account. It is an account that is closed at end of every financial year and the account balances are finally transferred to any permanent account.

Three golden rules

The closing process of such accounting gives opportunity to start new accounting year that comes with zero balance. The balances generated from income statement accounts will finally end up with owner’s equity account and this is possible in case the enterprise is sole proprietorship. Nominal accounts assignment help would make you aware of three golden rules related to this topic:

  1. Personal account: In such case debit is known to be receiver while credit is giver
  2. Real account: Debit that enters into account while credit is something that turns out to be expenses
  3. Nominal account: Debit is known to be all expenses and credit appears to be income or profit

Nominal account is related to all kind of expenses and losses. For instance, interest received salaries, rent, wages and postages are all related to this account.  In ledgers, separate account gets opened for different list of items. Nominal accounts homework help will make you know that it is called temporary account as income statement is finally considered.

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