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One should have a proper idea about network externalities. So we will explore here its origin, benefits, types, etc. to provide learners with as much data as possible. Our network externalities homework help is available for students if someone wants a detailed account of this topic. Students should have enough knowledge about how these originated and how it is used. We will start with the definition then proceed from there.

What are Network Externalities?

A network externality is also known as network effect or demand side economies of scale. It is an effect which is described in business and economics as one consumer or user of products and services that have value of that particular commodity to others.

When network externality is present, value of a service or commodity depends on the number used by others. Telephone happens to be a classic example, as more users increase its value.

Origin of Network Externalities

Network externalities were the main topic in arguments made by Theodore Vail who was Bell Telephone’s first president to gain monopoly on United States’ telephone services. He presented this concept in Bell’s 1908s annual report. Over 4000 regional and local telephone exchanges were merged into Bell System. To gain more knowledge about origin ask us for our network externalities assignment help.

Kinds of network externalities

There are mainly two different kinds of network externalities direct and indirect network effects.

In direct effects, an increase is seen in usage which leads to a direct increase in other users’ value. A direct network externality is known as same-side network externality. An example of this is online gamers. They benefit when other online gamers participate.

In indirect effects, when there is an increase in the usage of a particular commodity spawn increment in value of complementary goods or network. This, in turn, can increase value of original commodity. This is also known as cross side network externality. Two sided markets mostly have indirect effects. Network externalities homework help explains this with a much more vivid description.

Benefits of network externalities

Certain benefits are seen when this occurs. Such benefits are:

  • Network externalities become significant when a certain number or percentage of subscription is achieved known as critical mass
  • Attracting more users to reach critical mass should be the concern of the business. One way to do that is to bank on extrinsic action like waving of certain fees, a payment, sign up request for friends
  • System dynamics can be used for a method of modeling for describing phenomena like a base model or word of mouth (WOM) of marketing.

These are some benefits to know more go through our Network Externalities assignment help.

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