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The Nature of Strategy Analysis and Choice

When trying to get into the depths of strategy analysis, it is very essential for students to understand what the word ‘strategy’ usually signifies. It can be safely said that strategy us the clear choices that the top management of a company makes that pave the way for business success. The nature of strategy analysis and choice depends on the level of ambiguity that is present in an industry.

There are basically 4 levels of ambiguity which leads to various types of strategic analysis, deliberations and then, of course, action! Our experts have found out that students often get perplexed when given an assignment on such topics. When it is different businesses operating in different domains, the concept of strategies also changes.

  • When it is the steady-state industry, it is referred to as operational strategy
  • When it is about weighing options and selecting between clear alternatives, it is referred to as classical strategy analysis
  • During situational audit, the catch is between multiple choices and higher level of ambiguity, it can be scenario planning or hedging bets
  • While exploring the unknown and predicting the future, it is known as strategic intent

The kind of problems that students face while writing assignments

When you are given several topics like establishing long-term objectives of an organization, generating alternative strategies that will drive business success, selecting strategies to pursue best alternatives, achieving organization’s missions and objectives, you might huff and puff because of the following reasons:

  • Lack of comprehension of the topics in hand
  • Lack of confidence to write a neat and flawless paper
  • Finding things messy when researching
  • Not acquainted with the required referencing style
  • And many more

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