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Nature of Capital Budgeting: What Are the Steps to Understand It Clearly!

by Jul 9, 2017Accounting

Capital budgeting is a form of investment that requires a considerable amount of expenditure and its returns or benefits can be obtained in due time. Capital budgeting may also be called long-term investment as its returns are subject to the significant time span in the future.

This form of expenditure is mostly applicable toa company or individual assets are not up for sale which includes commodities like machinery, furniture or even land and real-estate entities. A company decides on investing such as assets only if they appear to bring about returns after a considerable period of time and if they are in accordance with the fiscal policies of the concerned firm.

There are quite a few crucial factors that need to be taken into consideration before undergoing any massive investment plans like capital expenditure. The managements of a company must be duly aware of the market risks. Determining whether such amount of monetary outflow is at all feasible with respect to the future outcomes is necessary. This form investment involves cash flow of a vast sum; it must be backed with detailed planning and after consideration of all important factors.

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Nature of capital budgeting and related aspects

  • Capital budgeting involves enormous cash pour in permanent assets of a company or any individual person.
  • A probable estimation must be done about the profits expected in the upcoming years in advanced so as to determine the practicality of the investment made.
  • Sum once invested in capital expenditure cannot be pulled out or the scheme cannot be reverted in the middle of an ongoing session. If done so, facing a significant amount of loss by the organization is evident.
  • Huge capital expenditure such as this is sure to make a prominent impact on the company and its related activities. Hence screening of these effects beforehand is necessary in order dodge any form of possible crisis.

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  • A positive effect of capital budgeting that follows is an increment in employment and also elevation in income per capita.
  • Another factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the effect such investment will lay on the forthcoming ventures of the company. This may include expansion of the firm, an introduction of a new wing and so on.
  • It is important to ascertain the expectant benefits of such investment especially when the returns would not be observed anytime soon.
  • Capital investment needs a correct strategy for its implementation. The funds are invested in long-term endeavors of a company and evidently, the returns are observable after a series of years.
  • Capital expenditure is subject to grave uncertainty. Longer the extension of the project that is invested on, greater is the ambiguity. The pre-determined profit or returns may not materialize.

Possible sections where capital budgeting is applicable

A company comprises of various such promising departments that can use lump sum measure of cash for some monumental future development. These sectors may include-

  • The R&D wing

Most companies have an R&D or Research and Development wing that conducts development of new technologies and products that might increase the growth and significance of that company. Their developments are highly beneficial in determining the course of profit or expansion of an organization. Hence investing a substantial amount of money on those projects can be beneficial in the long run.

  • Replacement or restitution of resources

A company might decide to invest in its existing assets so as increase productivity. This form of outlay that requires massive drain of funds can also be categorized under capital budgeting.

  • New implementation

This includes machinery or any form of alteration or enhancement of the on-hand assets of a company. Any improvisation of this sort within the functioning regions of a company demands capital investment.

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Different techniques of capital budgeting

There are numerous tricks of deciding a capital expenditure. It varies from company to company which technique they are comfortable in employing. These techniques are-

  • Payback period-

This by far the most basic decision technique. This method is used for approximation of the time span required to return the initial investments that were needed to kick start the project. But this technique is mostly used for small but effective ventures.

  • Net Present Value (NPV) –

Net Present Value is the most widely used techniques across the globe. The NPV can be calculated by determining the difference between the investment or cash outflow conferred on a project and the returns or cash influx obtained from the project.

  • Internal Rate of Return-

IRR is a rate of discount with which an investor can assess the returns from his investment. IRR effectively denotes the nature of a project. If the interest rate of return appears to be more than the expected rate of return from a project then it is a lucrative option and should be acknowledged else avoided.

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