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Over the years several new branches of disciplines have developed. Nano is one such idea that has come into being in recent years. Even though it has many implications, nanotechnology will be our concern. As the word implies nano means breaking down something to a molecular level and understanding how something works.

Our experts at understand that finding Nano assignment answers is not an easy task. We extend our expertise to all those in need. To understand minute working of organisms or particles around us, tools need to be developed. Creation, application and use of such apparatus at the finest level led to growth of nanotechnology.

Ideas to grasp

Nano has developed into a unique form of technology over last few years. Some call it a general purpose technology while others claim it to have dual use. General purpose argument stands on the premise that every industry, irrespective of its nature stands to benefit from growth of these ideas. This technology seeks to provide long-lasting, secure and advance products which lead to improvement in all spheres.

Nano assignment answers also discuss the idea that it has dual use. Dual use implies that commercial need for comfort products and military requirements of security can both be met using it. This may sound like a boon, but to critics its duality is cause for worry. Military equipment produces weapons of destruction and can be categorized as a harmful element.

When it was first introduced, concept of nano was deemed to be a path-breaking discovery. Due to conflicts in defining and lack of proper research risks of using it and solutions that such technology can offer is left blurred. Currently, several disciplines like biology, physics and chemistry to name a few have taken up this study. However, they are unrelated in nature and this lack of connection poses several problems.

The growth of this new technology is referred to as a new revolution in industries in Nano homework answers. It is called a revolution because it has the ability to change the course of history. To know more and clear doubts reach out for professional help now!

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