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In Economics it is important to have well acquainted with the concepts of different types of market. In the area of a duopoly market the first mover gains added advantage and the profit margin is more for the first mover. This is because the amount of resources and technological process implemented by the first mover is always more than the next movers.

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Who are First Movers?

First Mover is the advantage that early birds get! To make the long concept short, a company which is first to establish in a market condition will obviously get the most benefits. This is mostly because they are the first to bring a particular technological change or a product in the market. They almost make the market a monopoly one. For a First Mover Advantages Assignment Help it is important to know the benefits of the first movers.

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Benefits of First Movers in a market

As they are the first to come obviously they have lots of advantages which the next upcoming companies won’t get. Following are the list:

  • They make lasting impressions on customers as they are the first impression in the market. Hence their brand name gets a long lasting popularity.
  • They get more time to change their process and refine themselves.
  • They can control resources such as strategic location or exclusive contract with suppliers.
  • If their price rate is cheaper customers prefers them instead of others.

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