Motivation: Freud, Maslow, Herzberg Homework Help

Motivation: Freud, Maslow, Herzberg Assignment Help

Motivation: Freud, Maslow, Herzberg Homework Help for Detailed Explanations with Examples 

There are many theories on motivation. The most common ones are of Sigmund Freud, Abraham Maslow and Frederick Herzberg. These three gentlemen have different theoretic version when it comes to motivation. Our Motivation: Freud, Maslow, Herzberg homework help experts go to in-depth accounts which makes learning easy and also a student receives unlimited valuable sources to complete their work. This is why students prefer our assistance rather than going anywhere else.

Sigmund Freud’s Theory

Sigmund Freud is known for unconscious mind theory. He sternly believed that an unconscious mind makes conscious actions sometimes like purchasing commodities. His researches in psychology like personality, childhood, sexuality, memory and therapy are well known.

Most needs are biogenic which means it arises due to psychological tension like thirst, hunger or discomfort. Needs which are not biogenic are psychogenic which means these occur due to psychological tension like esteem, belonging or recognition of some kind. These needs turn into a motive when it arises to a level of sufficient intensity which causes an individual to react or act. Order Motivation: Freud, Maslow, Herzberg assignment help allows a student to study it in-depth.

Abraham Maslow’s Theory

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is another fundamental theory written by Abraham Maslow. From examining the monkeys’ ability to reach full ability, he got into the path of psychological growth of human beings. His theory which he created reached the highest level which is self-actualization.  The progress is based on an individual’s accomplishment; the more accomplished the person is, the more he or she progresses.

In marketing, this is a useful theory. It allows researchers to understand which commodities can be sold which depends on the targeted customers. The easiest goods to market refer to the items which are derived from the low level of Marlow’s pyramid. These products and services are necessary for important psychological needs. Know more by ordering our Motivation: Freud, Maslow, Herzberg assignment help.

Frederick Herzberg’s Theory

Another significant theory on motivation was provided by Frederic Herzberg. He developed a theory of two-factor. This theory describes or differentiates the factors which cause dissatisfaction from the ones which cause satisfaction. For example, buying a computer can be referred to as satisfier, but if there’s no warranty, then that would be dissatisfier.

This theory comes with two implications. One implication is that dissatisfiers should be avoided by sellers. Second implication refers to the fact that motivators for purchasing and major satisfiers should be identified by the sellers. Get more details from Motivation: Freud, Maslow, Herzberg homework help.

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