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The full form of MOSFET is metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor and this is a device which is used for amplifying and switching electronic signals that are used in electronic devices. It is an integrated fabric that can be fabricated and designed into a single chip because it is extremely small in size.

There are a total of 4 terminals in this device- gate, source, drain and body. MOSFET body is connected to Source terminal and it is similar to a device that has three terminals. It also resembles a field effect transistor. This MOSFET is the most popular transistor and can be used in both digital as well as analog circuits.

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How can MOSFET function?

MOSFET can function in two different ways- Enhancement mode and Depletion mode

Enhancement Mode

If there is no voltage present in gate then the device will not be able to conduct but if there is a good amount of voltage in gate then MOSFET device will be able to conduct.

Depletion Mode

If there is no voltage on gate then channel will be able to conduct maximum electricity at that point of time. Voltage in the gate is either positive or negative and so the channel conductivity decreases.

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Structure of MOSFET

This is a device that contains four terminals and body of this device is frequently linked to the source terminal which reduces the number of terminals to three. Charge carrier flow as well as the width of the channel varies and these carriers try entering the channel through the source and go out through the drain.

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