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To understand the concepts as well as the matter of monopoly power over the wage rate homework help, first, we must understand the term ‘saturated monopoly.’

What is meant by ‘saturated monopoly?’

The term ‘saturated monopoly’ it states that it has deals with only non-group providers, in other words, it means that single providers. In today’s economics, the cases of this ‘saturated monopoly’ are not presently available in huge quantity. But the existence of monopoly ‘power ’in today’s economics are there far-flung. The term monopoly ‘power’ states exactly the opposite of ‘saturated monopoly,’ in other words, it states that it deals with multiple providers. When the term multiple provider scome, in today’s market there are only two types of corporations. Two corporations are known as duopoly and more than two corporations are known as oligopoly.

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There is an edict which was invented in the year 1988, which indicated that a corporation could function without any kind of outside or unusual extra pressure.

How has monopoly been formed?

Monopoly has been formed due to some circumstances. Those circumstances are as follows:

  1. When a corporation functions solely or utilises rarely available resources. For example, such corporations are ‘British Telecom,’ the owner of various cables connected to phones which are made available to various large numbers of homes as well as business situated in UK.
  2. When Post Office, are granted by the regimes as statuses of various enterprises. Only with our monopoly power over the wage rate homework help can you learn of the intricate details that are to be followed of this.
  3. When a particular enterprise or corporation have their full right to sell as well as protect their products as well as properties respectively. Such examples include Microsoft ‘Windows,’ where Microsoft is the trade name as well the system software present in it are protected and safely kept by the main authorities of the enterprise.
  4. When a particular corporation is given a presentable as well as high status in the market place.

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